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TRUETIME is designed to help law enforcement accurately record the time set on a personal computer which has been seized or is about to be analysed.

TRUETIME will echo to the screen the date, time and time zone as entered by the operator which can be used as a record of the correct time at which the computer is being handled.

TRUETIME will also echo to the screen the current internal CMOS time setting of the computer, which can be recorded and compared with the true time for future forensic purposes.



It is suggested that TRUETIME be run from within a batch file in order to fasciliate more automated operation.

When TRUETIME is run it asks the user to input the correct current date in MM-DD-YYYY format. It then asks the user to input the current time in HH:MM format. (seconds are not recorded because most people donít get that fine with their watches.)

These two values are then echoed to the screen (as shown below), and by using command line redirection these values can be redirected to a suitable output file for future reference.

Current proper correct date is: 09-30-1998
Current proper correct time is: 14:30

TRUETIME then captures the current system time from the computers internal clock and shows it on the screen. Again with proper command line redirection, this time is placed in the output file for later comparison of differences between computer time, and actual time.

Current local computer time is Wed Sep 30 11:09:24 1998

TRUETIME then shows a list of world time zones on the screen and allows the user to pick the time zone which the computer is set to, or which you are currently operating under. This information is also echoed to the screen as shown along with the standard offset from Greenwich UTC. (be careful to remember to compensate for Daylight Savings time, as the program makes no adjustments).

Local Time Zone is: Eastern Standard, -5 hours.

If the output of the program is redirected to a file, the combined output of the question and answer routine is shown below:

Current proper correct date is: 09-30-1998
Current proper correct time is: 13:54
Current local computer time is Wed Sep 30 11:14:39 1998
Local Time Zone is: Eastern Standard, EST5EDT, -5 hours

By having this information recorded and available, the investigator can later determine the exact number of hours the computer clock may be in error. (In the example above, the clock is seen to be 2 hours 40 minutes off). This time difference may be significant in some cases.

This output file also serves as an audit trail as to the time the analysis was actually run.

TRUETIME also exits with a DOS errorlevel equal to the number of hours from GMT. This can be used to additionally set an environment variable to the correct time zone. (NOTE: for exit values above 12, you need to subtract the exit value from 12, thus giving a negative number.) See the section of the batch file here:

@echo off
trutime  >> outputfilename

if errorlevel  25  goto not_set
if errorlevel  24  goto minus_twelve
if errorlevel  23  goto minus_eleven
if errorlevel  22  goto minus_ten
if errorlevel  21  goto minus_nine
if errorlevel  20  goto minus_eight
if errorlevel  19  goto minus_seven
if errorlevel  18  goto minus_six
if errorlevel  17  goto minus_five
if errorlevel  16  goto minus_four
if errorlevel  15  goto minus_three
if errorlevel  14  goto minus_two
if errorlevel  13  goto minus_one
if errorlevel  12  goto twelve
if errorlevel  11  goto eleven
if errorlevel  10  goto ten
if errorlevel   9  goto nine
if errorlevel   8  goto eight
if errorlevel   7  goto seven
if errorlevel   6  goto six
if errorlevel   5  goto five
if errorlevel   4  goto four
if errorlevel   3  goto three
if errorlevel   2  goto two
if errorlevel   1  goto one
if errorlevel   0  goto zero

Because of the way batch files must be set up, the higher numbers should be checked first. You can use your imagination of what should go into the goto tags.



There are no options available for this program.



C:>truetime    /* echo everthing to the screen */

C:>truetime >> output.fle  /* send output to the file */



Some uses of the program.

For forensic purposes, record the correct current date and time and the internal clock time of the computer.

Do this for future reference as to when the procedure was run, and the computer was analyzed.