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NSRL Hash Set

Latest update of the NSRL data available here, Dec. 2, 2013

The HashKeeper files are no longer available at this site.

The current Maresware "massaged NSRL v2.42" hash set (as of December 2013) contains over 33,992,327 million unique hash values from 119,095,237 records. These records have been converted to fixed length records containing only the MD5 value. That enables rapid processing in most data base or spread sheet programs.

These converted MD5 records are provided in a fixed length (34 characters, 32 + CR/LF) record that is easily processed by Maresware software as well as most (X-Ways, FTK, Encase), any data base program that can import fixed length or comma delimited data.

There is also a file available (upon request), of the 33 million unique SHA values. And for those of you believing in the birthday paradox, i sorted, uniqued, etc. the SHA values, and guess what. The MD5's and SHA's are identicle in count. So each unique SHA has its matching unique MD5.

To import the values to FTK or Encase, please research the specific format requirements. As these programs may require a modification to the first or header line. X-Ways requires that a header line of "MD5" be added for it to be processed. I just can't figure why X-Ways requires a header line when it could easily read the first line, and determine it is either an MD5 or SHA value and proceed. Anyway, you need to add an MD5 header with X-Ways.

Click these links to down load actual MD5 data file zip which should import to X-Ways with minimal effort. You may have to add and MD5 header to the first line.
MD5   file.

Current Statistics

Number of records in the sets:
Original NSRL source (v 2.42, 12/2013): over 114,000,000 (unique: 33,992,000+)

A reference page for algorithms and other documemts may be found at: NIST.  Research the documents link.


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